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Winning Images

A short series of photographic assignments aimed to provide a reason to go out and capture some new pictures while concentrating on a small number of key skills each time. Try them out then send results to me telling me about your experience of taking the picture. I'll try to show-case any work sent on pages here in the site.
Basic Contrast

Story Telling

Every picture tells a story. A look at 'documentary photography' and how story telling works in pictures.

Assignments below here are yet to be written. Expect the next one by end of September 2007...
Basic Contrast Story Construction

A look at 'still life' or 'abstract' photography and how we tell stories when we're not dealing with real things that happen..
Basic Contrast Placing the Image

A look at 'Architecture' photography and how we make sure the image 'stands up'...
Basic Contrast Camera Work - Exposure options

A look at 'Action' photography and how we represent speed and distance in a picture 
Basic Contrast Camera Work - Lenses

A look at 'Macro' photography and how different camera lenses and attachments affect the pictures we can make. 
Basic Contrast Lighting - Natural Light

A look at 'Nature' and 'Landscape' photography and the importance of light in photography.