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Here I will maintain a list of useful links, contacts options, and the various search engines I have submitted to; as well as any important  notes as they occur...

Brand new poetry magazine worthy of support

Flickr logoNow available on Flickr where you can rate/comment the pics and subscribe to RSS feeds. Keep looking here though for technical articles and applets etc...
Ant Smith. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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Here's my one and only YouTube video:
Take a look at my 'Slice the pie' music site presence...
Also, go and check-out my poetry recordings at MySpace

With a little help from my friends

For infinite patience and regular inspiration greatest thanks to Christine, to whom I owe all of my love.

Got to say thanks to Al Skipp for trying the site out on various other browsers, especially since I don't have a Mac. It's a shame that a site built on the KISS(=Keep It Simple Stupid)  principle can't just work everywhere but there you have it. Thanks Al...

Note on copyright
I gave some thought to the protection of this site content. It is relatively easy to prohibit page saves and image clipboard copy but there are many many ways around such methods. Ultimately if a page is published on the web there are people out there who can extract whatever content they want. So, I've decided against adding protection methods since these make life less convenient for everyone and don't protect from determined abusers. So, in the spirit of the web nothing here is protected - it is however copyright so please don't rip the content off...

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I now have copies of Netscape and FireFox as well as IE and so will try to ensure the site works with different browsers. There are some issues as it stands today and some of these are described HERE. Future developments wil be more savvy regards different browsers.

Gamma Check

Take note of the Gamma-Check at the bottom of each page (in the footer). This is a 21-step grayscale image from the EPI Centre that runs from 100% black to 100% white in 5% steps (and also in reverse). Adjust your monitor so that all steps can bee distinguished in order to ensure you see the images at their best.

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Who's linking me?

University in Finland of all places (Thanks Guys): GO THERE

University of Oklahoma, not really a link (shame) but at least a reference: GO THERE

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Galleries, technical articles, calculating applets and spreadsheets - photographic resources updated as i get time to write more. Submissions welcomed.

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James Earley
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Barbara and Stu

Manufacturer's Links and Support Sites
The Silverprint Catalogue 2004
NikonLinks - Nikon Equipment Links Main Page
A Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras

Photography Monthly Photos Wanted
Photography co uk
Photo Techniques a Photography Magazine
Black & White Magazine, For Collectors of Fine Photography
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alternative photography

Link Exchanges

Photographyboard.net - The Photography Community
UK Photosites Photography Links at PhotoSites.co.uk - Photography shop & directory of links for all things photographic in the United Kingdom and Eire. Shop for Digital Cameras.
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Profotos - All Photography. All The Time.

SmileDogProductions.com, medium banner
Photography Sites
SK-Designs provide a quality design service with international experience of multimedia design, design for print and web design. Our studio is located in central Bath.
FocalFix.com - Online Photography Community with news, camera reviews, articles, galleries, photo sharing, tips, webspace, webmail, links and more. Covering digital and film.
inkjetcartridge.com Inkjet Cartridges, Printer Fax Ribbons - Inkjetcartridge.com http://www.inkjetcartridge.com Inkjetcartridge.com is a full service vendor of printer supplies; i.e. inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, fax ribbons and computer accessories.
Retailer in all kinds of photography in UK
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