Ant Smith
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Mental Health Poetry

Am I Fucked Up?

Why am I so hated?
Why am I a cunt?
Why am I mistaken for
being just no good

Why am I invisible
To the ones I love
Why am I misshapen n
Why am I screwed up?

That's what I feel like
Whenever you're not there
Not all the time but oft enough
Oft enough to scare.

Why am I detested
In my neighbourhood?
Why is it suggested that
I am just no good?

Why am I so full of cum
I feel I might explode
I've fucking got
so fucking much
Fucking love to give
It's a genocidal act
Every time I jizz

Why am I so haunted?
Why am I cut-up?
Why am I a failure in
everything I touch?

Am I fucked up?
Am I?
Am I fucked up?

Mental Health Poetry