Ant Smith
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You're a collision of catastrophes
A cataclysm of calamity
A disaster of a tragedy
And a dreamer of humanity

You're a bastard of a fantasy
A perfection of a reverie
A decanter of the heavenly
And a fanciful profanity

You're a demon of divinity
A spectrum of fragility
A model of gentility
And a sorrow of humility

You're a cadaver of a history
A master of a mystery
A hero of the things to be
A shining light of truth to me

You're washed up on the beach it seems
A monster from the deep blue sea
At twenty thousand fathoms deep
You will sleep perchance to dream

You're a precision of dichotomy
A victim of your honesty
A half a shattered helix
And a semi risen Phoenix

You're all a man, a man can be
You're partly caged but always free
You're all a man, a man can be
A collision of catastrophes