Ant Smith
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Ex Factor

I am lost in deepest selfish thought
And this smallest place is my domain
Come up for air I come up short
The body’s limits so constrain
The body’s limits yet remain
The future’s here the future’s bright
But I am broken all the same
I am lost in here out of sight

I have lost all I have ever sought
And the smallest things forge my chain
For each and every thing I bought
Leaves me limping and filled with shame
Leaves me wishing I’d won the game
But with no left there is no right
And all that’s left is some refrain
I am lost in here out of sight

I have lost that, that I was taught
The smallest things show I’m insane
Hooked on life and the Petite Mort
Trapped within a congealed stain
My world is but a crystal grain
Melts in streams of refracted light
All that’s left washes down the drain
I am lost in here out of sight

And yet if my life were so lame
I could still yet and still yet might
Qualify for this modern fame
But I hide in here out of sight