Ant Smith
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For Our World Is Different

(after John Perry Barlow's A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace)

With no greater authority than that
which liberty itself will speak
the future asks You of the past
to leave us well alone in peace

You weary giants of flesh and steel
you have no moral right to rule
there is no fear, you make us feel
you do not know us, nor our truth

We declare our virtual selves immune
to your sovereignty,
as we consent to continue
your rule over soft bodies.

Declared to be naturally
independent of your tyrannies
Cyberspace consists of thought it's said
a standing wave within the web

For our world is different.

No silence nor conformity
No fear of being coerced
No privilege of power nor of force
No prejudice of race nor birth

The only law we recognize
is called the Golden Rule
To be authentic to the truth
So old dreams be not born anew

Your concepts are but all base matter,
and there is no matter here.
An act of nature, growing through collective actions, we hold dear

From debased to angelic
All may enter, let it be tolled,
the global conversation of bits
all are parts of a seamless whole

No separation of air that chokes
from air upon which wings would float
Across the planet we will spread
So our thoughts you can't arrest
A civilization of the Mind
Deep inside of Cyberspace.
May it be more humane and fair
than the governments of
that other place