Ant Smith
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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry,
But did my cunt offend thee
My anal fisting make you sore?
did my wet bell ending
Have you heading for the door?
Did my fleeting fetching feel like fire and brimstone?
There are things that I can't say for fear I'll blow my load

I'm sorry
But did I read too much about
How you act when you're at home?
The things I write and sing and say
Happen everyday
But it's okay apparently
If no one sees the stains
I'm sorry I embarrassed you
In this dirty fucking way

I'm sorry
But that I just can't stand
To betray the humane race
By writing as if as though
It's got a pretty face

So I'll fuck and wank and suck and shit and maybe even take the piss
I'll fist and claw and sperminate
While you sit and ruminate
I'll gyrate and make you hate
By showing you your private face
Everything I say is done
Don't blame me For you
You fucking Slimy cunt