Ant Smith
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Keep Your Distance

Our planet may look beautiful
From the distance of the moon
But this land is broken
Beneath my weathered shoes

An ocean may look placid
From the vantage of a beach
For there's nothing to bare witness
To those lost within the deep

A field may look so bountiful
To a man who needs to eat
Salvation is a question of
The fortunes of the thief

Look away
So far away
Look for grace
In your furthest gaze
Look away
So far away
Lest you see what
We do today

Turbulence it is local
A young man's troubled face
The grass is greener far away
For battle scars hide in yesterday

For UNESCO's 19th World Poetry Day, because "Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in the world, share the same questions and feelings."