Ant Smith
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Mental Health Poetry

Questions You Can't Google No. 1

How many crackpots does it take to get high?
How many crossbeams creak out a sigh?
How many drawstrings are fastened too tight?
How many daydreams echo at night?

How many countdowns from ninetynine?
How many scarecrows have you offered to fight?
How many footprints make up a line?
How many heartbreaks in a bottle of wine?

How many pockets contain pocket knives?
How many brainstorms cloud foggy minds?
How many drumsticks beat out of time?
How many life vests have swaddled lost lives?

When does it stop and
What is the time?
How many years are,
Left in my life?
Everything changes,
so hold on tight
Now Google me this
Where is my light?

Mental Health Poetry