Ant Smith
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You May Hate The Daylight

You may hate the daylight,
When-it rains You may think that
your home town is strange
You may not believe, that
there’s a place inside my heart,
for a town called nowhere

We may rush in head-strong
Without thought, We may make an
historical mistake
We may not con+sider
the lives of next-door neighbours
in a place called nowhere

(I know not what path others take…

but-I’ve been a different person
I’ve been in other worlds than this
;you know

It’s what it means to me

To be some act-real person
To be some-one who knows which
way to go

It’s just a show

…give me death
or lib-er-ty)

I will try to contact
You one day, I’ll even say
there is some other way
even though we’re parted
I will always come back -
to a town called nowhere